Project Configuration

See config/config.sample.yml:

    # environment can be 'development' or 'production'
    :environment: development
    # :lab_root_url:
    #   :production: //
    #   :staging:    //
    #   :dev:        //
    #   :local:      //localhost:9191/lab
      # This can be set optionally set to true to disable links to DataGames and Java models.
      # Used only by application.js (SITE_CONFIG).
      :static: false
      # Used both by application.js (SITE_CONFIG) and to set Lab.config.dataGamesProxyPrefix.
      :dataGamesProxyPrefix: ""

Most of these options are used by interactives browser page.
Configuration variables are available in the JavaScript global object SITE_CONFIG, which is
generated by script/setup.rb and used by src/application.js.

Two options are also used to configure Lab Framework on embeddable sites:
- :lab_root_url
- :dataGamesProxyPrefix


    Lab.config.rootUrl              = "#{LAB_ROOT_URL[LAB_ENV]}";
    Lab.config.dataGamesProxyPrefix = "#{CONFIG[:jsconfig][:dataGamesProxyPrefix]}";

:lab_root_url can be especially useful if you want to deploy topic branch of Lab Interactive Site
which also uses topic branch of Lab Framework. Assuming that you will deploy both Lab Framework and
Lab Interactive Site to lab3 servers, you can set it to:

       :production: //
       :staging:    //
       :dev:        //
       :local:      //localhost:9191/lab

Google Analytics

In addition there is a optional section in config/config.yml which if present enables embedding google
analytics script into the head of the main index.html and all html pages in the examples/ and doc/

Include your Google Analytics account number here to enable insertion of the Google Analytics
script by the build system into the generated HTML pages.

  :account_id: <account-id>

The content from which the embedded Google Analytics script is generated is contained in this Ruby file: script/setup.rb.